Business Strategy

Mission Statement

We are constantly working to be Australia’s best funeral care provider. This is achieved through the establishment of a great company culture that supports and enables staff to deliver the highest of customer service experiences.

Our business strategy is based on a philosophy of:

  1. - Excellence in funeral service delivery
  2. - Staff job satisfaction
  3. - An ongoing commitment to the continual development of our facilities and equipment


Our goal of personalised services put the family at the heart of the funeral planning process and empowers those left behind to choose what they see as the most fitting service to remember their loved one. We avoid offering our families a generic service; Our approach is neither dollar-based nor routine, rather it places the family’s desires as the highest consideration.

Professional Advice

Whilst we aim for our staff to provide a service to the taste and needs of a family it is also important that we provide a professional service. We are the funeral experts and our staff are there to guide families through the process, our staff are trained to realise, yet manage the expectations of our families through their funeral journey.

Recognition of Industry Pressure

We recognise that the funeral industry is a high pressure environment. Our ultimate role is to support and guide families through what can only be described as a ‘difficult time’. Recruiting and retaining quality staff, whilst being mindful of the pressures involved, is very important and so we aim to not only to attract the right staff, but engage and motivate them by keeping them challenged, satisfied and continually learning in their jobs.

Continual Evolution

Whilst these are our current areas of focus we aim to consistently develop our approach to quality control to ensure that the service we offer remains relevant within our community. The areas mentioned here are far from being the “last word” in quality control but we have taken a long and serious approach to implementing these and hope to refine them over the coming months. They must be regarded only as steps in a longer journey.

Adherence to Codes of Ethics and Conduct

We ensure a high standard in facilities, equipment and service levels. Our premises and equipment are regularly inspected to ensure our continued compliance with standards. We aim to work alongside all Government and State legislation and take a serious approach to compliance.