Roshan Strange


Roshan Strange has a Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Accounting as well as being a member of CPA Australia. In the last 24 years Roshan has worked in a number of different finance sector roles. In addition to holding the position of Chief Financial Officer for the Walker Funeral Group Roshan runs her own small boutique accounting firm in which she offers her clients a number of different services.



The CFO role was integrated into the Walker Funeral Group in March 2018 overseeing 23 separate legal entities, a mixture of Companies and Discretionary Trusts. On a quarterly basis they perform an internal audit of all accounts, including reconciling Balance Sheet items and provide to CBA as part of funding covenants.   Holly and Roshan coordinate the Group Audit and prepare Annual Financial Statements for both Individual Entities and Aggregated Companies/Aggregated Trusts.

Roshan Strange

Chief Financial Officer – Shared